“Drayter combines an infectious mash-up of pop angst, blues grit and rock swagger, taking modern pop-rock to stylish new heights.”

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We are Drayter®

When we started out in 2009 we were young, just kids having a good time playing cover songs. As time went along, our tastes and talent started to evolve so we starting writing our own music. Initially our style was traditional rock and metal, but it wasn't long before we started to head down a more 'modern rock' path and blend musical genres -- stitching together inspirations from both pop and traditional rock ‘n’ roll.  Merging influences rewarded us with the opportunity to connect musically with people from all walks of life, driven by a wide variety of musical tastes. We made an album, titled “NINE,” that we are immensely proud of and that we feel captures the sound and spirit of the band.

We have performed for many types of audiences and had the privilege to share the stage with several globally recognized bands.  But above it all, we appreciate the opportunity to create music that people enjoy.


Vocals, Guitar / Liv Miner
Guitar, backing vocals / Cole Schwartz
Drums / Bass (touring)



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