Anti Music

Dallas pop/rockers Drayter release their debut album "Nine" today (December 18th) and to celebrate we asked the band to tell us the story behind the song "Run." Here is the story:

"Run" is one of our more "happy" tunes off the new album. It's different than the music we've done in the past, and it was a lot of fun crafting this song. We've been through a lot, so after letting go of the struggles we feel refreshed and excited about the future.

The album definitely tells that story. "Run" is the beginning of it. We had an awesome creative environment and were having such a good time. We wanted to reflect that moment in a catchy, fun, and uplifting song. What better way to capture that feeling by mixing funk and an R&B vibe with our rock/pop roots.

This song is a feel-good track so the tempo, vocal melody, and musical composition reflect that. The vocal melody came first and then the words. We implore you to turn off your phones, connect with the crowd: Lyrics like, "Keep calm and come undone... And when you feel the sound, can you light it up? And say with me, because I give a funk!" The great-vibes anthem becomes melodic and airy in the pre-chorus with a beautiful message of hope and freedom like, "Never be afraid to fly, looking at the world so high...Get off the beaten path, run away and don't look back, run!"

Then the explosive main chorus hits. This was a main chorus that was all melody. One word pretty much sums it up - Run! What's the best part of the song? The church choir! It's always inspiring to hear a church choir featured on a song. This is one of those. We were honored to work with an amazing group of men and women who put the final spirit-like touch on this track. As a whole, the beat/drums, funk guitar, groovy bass line, killer vocals, and uplifting message really hit the note for us. It's the beginning of a great emotional ride on the album, "NINE."