Liv Miner of Drayter's Worst Post-Show Pick Up Lines

Liv from Drayter tells you what NOT to do after a gig.

"Post show pick up lines are awesome! I mean, I'm sweaty, exhausted, and not focused on anything except a big bottle of water and a chair, but the lines keep coming! Here are my top 10 favs!"

1.    You're like Courtney Love, except hotter and less slutty.

What the....actually, thanks. Glad I could put "less slutty" and "hotter" in the same sentence.

2.    Can I buy you some shots so we can talk?

How about we have a conversation but 86 the shots?

3.    I love the way you play guitar. Can you give me lessons?

That’s awesome! Unfortunately, I’m not a teacher. 

4.    Hey, I need a vocalist to come track for a side project of mine; can I get your number and we discuss over dinner?

Sounds cool. My manager handles all that stuff - he’s right over there.

5.    Maybe we can write together sometime?

Got that covered, but thanks.

6.    That last song spoke to me. Maybe we can go out and you can tell me about it.

Thanks so much! Actually, you can download it on iTunes. Enjoy the show!

7.    Your bass player sucks. I play bass. Why don't we exchange numbers?

You’re a douche. 

8.    You were really great tonight. I can take you out to dinner.

Thank you, but no thank you!

9.    Hey, you wanna go smoke a joint out in my car?

Stranger danger!!!! 

10.What’s the name of your band again?

You tell me, and maybe we can do dinner.

[LINK TO STORY: http://www.ranker.com/list/post-show-pick-up-lines/drayter]