Up and coming Texas band Drayter releases new album

By: Abigail Ormiston, Managing Editor

Drayter is a band from Dallas, TX. that was formed in 2009 by Cole Schwartz.

In early 2015, Liv Miner joined Schwartz as the vocalist to help improve the current sound the band carries. Throughout last year, Drayter has been working hard to create and finish their album “Nine” which was released Dec 18.

With their release, both Miner and Schwartz have high hopes for progress in 2016.

“I think 2016 will be a good year for Drayter. We are definitely headed in the right direction” said Miner.

Songs to look forward to according to the band are “Best I had” and “Mother Says.”

Schwartz described “Best I had” as upbeat and driving. He hopes it is as fun to hear live that it is to play.

“Mother Says” has a different tone. Miner explained that it sounds soft and pretty until about the second verse then it “punches you in the face.”

The biggest goal the band wants to accomplish is to gain interest from all types of music listeners.

The members of Drayter have many different musical influences which can be reflected into their sound. The influences range from classic rock to metal. Schwartz’s inspiration comes from some more well-known bands like Metallica and Led Zeppelin. Miner’s influences are front women like Gwen Stefani and Joan Jett.

Because of their many different genre influences, Miner and Schwartz believe they have a lot to offer audiences since their sound does not “confine to one specific genre.”

The sound of the band can be described as “pop and rock with a refined edge,” which they hope to attract listeners of many different genres with.

Another big goal from the band is to get on the road.

“We want to tour in 2016. We would love to be able to meet those who are our fans already and meet new people who we could get interested in our music as well” said Schwartz.

Miner and Schwartz hope that there are people that will give their band a shot, and that they will like them and become fans.


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