Album review: NINE by Drayter:

Finally the rock world has a female singer for the 21st century who pulls no punches. Nine, the new album by Dallas-based Drayter, is an exciting and promising listen that has the potential to change the playing field of what female lead vocalists are expected to embody in a pop/rock band.

Singer Liv Miner is at the forefront of Nine and has a strong showing filled with an attitude and spirit that carries over into the band’s overall performance. Despite the opening number, “Run,” which hints at a more pop-oriented set to follow, Drayter veers off into a hard-rock tone as the album progresses, creating a nice juxtaposition to the sometimes-smooth vocals of Miner. While Miner’s singing may sound unconventional over heavy power chords, it’s this difference that’s most appealing. There are undoubtedly many pop hooks to be had on songs like “Criminal” and “So What,” and Miner can fill that role nicely, but it’s when she matches the brashness of her stellar band with the inflections in her delivery that you really begin to take notice. “Still Here” is an example that captures this perfectly, as Miner sings, “You tried to break our world in two/But we’re still here” over a charging chorus.

It is all at once refreshing and welcome to hear a female vocalist take the reins of a rock band. Not only does Nine have a good amount of songs you can listen to repeatedly, it has songs that offer a much-needed perspective in the genre.”